VarroaPop Weather Files

The weather files used in VarroaPop are required to be in the following format:

A standard text file containing cr/lf-terminated lines of text. The first line optionally contains the latitude of the weather collection station then each following line contains the weather data.

The first line (optional) contains the latitude information:

A line for each sequential date in the simulation where each line contains the following comma-separated variables:

A weather file is assumed to be complete with no missing dates. The Daylight Hours variable is determined by the Latitide value in the weather file. If Latitude is not set prior to the weather being loaded, 30 degrees north is assumed.

A number of weather files are available on the VarroaPop site and can be used for simulations. If you would like to create your own files, you can upload them from your computer using the link under the Weather tab of the Input Parameters page.